Meet Desiree D. Lindsey

Hi Friends! If you’ve landed on my page then please know that I consider you a dear friend of mine. In a sense that I plan to share the deepest parts of me with you and am opening my door for you to do the same any time you ever need to. You can email me here

Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s get to it! I am Desiree D. Lindsey, a lover, a feeler, a Noticer, a go-getter, a CEO, an encourager, a fashion lover, your friend or sister, a believer, and a warrior! The list could go on for days but I’ll stop there. If you’re on my page my hope is that you’ve heard a story about me that’s encouraged you, you’ve come across a product of mine that intrigued you or a picture that caught your eye. Either way, I’m so happy you’re here. 

I sell items that truly served me purpose at one point in life or that I hoped would, items that speak to me in ways that I hope they’ll speak to you, and resources/information that has been extremely beneficial to me and that I hope will benefit you as you grow!

Check the blog for more details on what I offer and why.

The goal is simple...I don’t care what you came here for or what keeps you here as long as you leave here remembering that whatever you want out of life, whoever you desire to become is truly within your reach if you just go for it! So here’s to me going for all of the things that I desire in life and bringing you along for the ride.